During the busiest time of the year for anybody in the world, the last thing you want to worry about is difficulties involving order fulfillments. November and December are just around the corner, and so are the changes to the 2016 FBA fees. Here are some reminders of the things you should keep in mind so you can enjoy your holiday season:

  • Customer service is crucial during a time when everyone is trying to find the perfect gift for each of their loved ones. Cliche, I know, but customer service is something that is easily overlooked, especially when there’s pressure, or you’re in a stressful time of the year. Go the extra mile and acknowledge them with the simplest thing as a ‘thank-you’ note on their purchased goods. FBA have policies in place that protect consumers from bad service but doing your part will help you establish your personal customer base.
  • In continuation of having fantastic customer service, respond to returns, a to z guarantees and refunds quickly. Making sure that each transaction is efficiently dealt with, assists in maintaining good customer relations in the process. To policies that protect FBA users are found here.
  • Holiday season calls for fast shipping and delivery of goods to customers. FBA lists the shipping costs allowing the consumer to the delivery method and how promptly they wish their purchased goods to be delivered to them.
  • Fulfilling orders and shipping products off as soon as possible will prevent anything being missed or delayed, and keep consumers happy and satisfied. Fulfillment by Amazon promises the shipping of goods to arrive at their door two days after placing the order so to stay true to this you should manage your orders well!
  • Ensuring that you get the payment for your goods is the bottom line for anybody in the business. FBA allows the customisation of payment to go into your account from 24hours up to 14 days.
  • There is always room for improvement in any business practice, and customer feedback may not always be constructive or positive. Communicating and resolving issues in a professional manner is vital to retain customers. See what other vendors have  frequently been asking already here.
  • Making the descriptions of the products being sold specific and full of detail will make customers more willing to trust the item for sale and vendor. There is a certain degree of trust needed by the consumer behind the screen as they are taking a risk when buying online. Being honest about the condition of the product, especially if it isn’t in tip-top shape means less negative feedback and more positive ratings! Getting to the nitty-gritty stuff reinforces trustworthiness, thus creating the loyal customer base desired by firms and sellers alike. FBA provides a tutorial video and condition guidelines for new vendors making it easy to set up a detailed description page.
  • Taking advantage of fast-selling popular products will help you increase your profit levels. Depending on the type of FBA vendor you are, you may be sent notifications of goods that have been sold out during the year which may be a good idea to re-list during the peak consumption period. 
  • As an FBA vendor, it is important to make sure the product name, product description and the inventory being held is accurate in the system. By managing inventory, the popular goods can be sold off quickly and to generate as much income as possible, it makes sense to be able to provide that for customers! 
  • Even online there is business competition! FBA compares your customer satisfaction data to their performance targets to ensure that operations occur at a high standard on their site.
  • Selling online can be risky business and as a vendor, keeping safe is in your best interest.To avoid people from not paying up, using Amazon Payments will ensure that the goods ordered are being paid for as you ship them off to the provided address. Making sure that the recipient’s address and delivery details are accurate will ensure that the goods are being shipped to the correct person. If you’re unsure, request the buyer to re-order or give the correct details to avoid any confusion.

Maintaining high standards for yourself or your business is valuable for future relations and customer interaction. Although times may start to become tiresome and make you fatigued, remembering the basics and consummating them will ensure a smooth business period during the Holiday season!

This post was guest written by Mina Kouch from Cin7 (www.cin7.com).

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