How Can AMZ Authority Help You?

We’re in an amazing time right now …the retail world is going through one of the most dramatic revolutions EVER!  Amazon now makes over $100 Billion per year! To put that into perspective, half the money spent online goes to Google or Amazon!


What Does This Mean For You?

More and more people are doing their shopping online than ever before.  The evolution in retail shopping is rapidly changing our lives and will never be the same again.  As this shift happens, entrepreneurs are cashing in and growing VERY successful businesses. Sourcing products from China, USA, and other places around the world, and then creating their own private labels and selling them through Amazon’s fulfillment services.  The business model is amazing.

This global shift is just beginning, and now is the best time to get in the game.

AMZ Authority is about giving YOU to the tools and resources to take the entrepreneurial leap.  We know that with the latest information, resources, and community of supportive entrepreneurs that you can AND will live the lifestyle of your dreams!

Who is Michael?  

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Hey Michael here, the founder and Chief Amazonian Officer of AMZ Authority.  I’m an internet entrepreneur that lives in Vancouver, Medellin, and Bali. I have a bachelor of commerce degree (Dean’s award), and my passion is human optimization …helping people live to their fullest.  

My interests are success psychology, internet entrepreneurship, health and fitness, leading edge technology, electronic music, and high end real estate and exotic cars 😉  

Two years ago I was living a dream lifestyle…running my internet business from beaches in South America, doing epic experiences, hanging out with cool entrepreneurs, going to fancy restaurants, etc.  Then unexpectedly I got ill and discovered I had Colon Cancer …my world was flipped upside down.  

Miraculously shortly thereafter, I was cured of Colon Cancer and felt like I was one of the luckiest people alive.  Since that moment I made the decision to shift my focus from me, and find out ways to make a deeper impact into people’s lives.  I knew that if I was given a second life, that it was up to me to pay it forward and help others.   

I started AMZ Authority because I want to make dramatic change in people’s lives. I love helping people become successful.  AMZ Authority is about inspiring, educating, and empowering people to have a successful Amazon business and live the lifestyle of their dreams.  

Instead of privately holding the best Amazon FBA business information, I want to give MORE value than anyone else is giving.  I want to be known as the person who’s giving the BEST resources and making the MOST impactful changes.  With $100 Billion a year in Amazon revenue, there’s plenty to share 🙂

I look forward to making your Amazon business the most successful it can be and I love surrounding myself with other like minded successful people.


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